Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hi from Caber Farm Horse Trials!

We got in yesterday evening, and everybody settled in beautifully -- horses and humans alike.  Apollo (once he got ON the trailer, the stinker) traveled like a champ.   Camp is comfy.  AR and I are at a hotel off site, which turned out to be a huge blessing for a variety of reasons (as well as a pain for other reasons, but those are resolved and happy now).   Our resident European rode Apollo a couple of times yesterday, and Apollo was going SO well, so strongly, and moving big!  Good boy!  So pleased with him.

Here, have some pictures!  I don't have time for too many words -- dressage starts at early o'clock tomorrow, and then XC in the afternoon for the Beginner Novice crowd. Busy day!!

Barley the vicious pibble. She'll lick you to bits.

Corgi mob!  Sorcha, Annie, Sparky, and Sam
Camp: Resident European, TD, and TW
Handsome Apollo; neck a bit curled and up, but nice

So nice!

I love this shot -- look at that canter!  That tail!

Camp: MT and AR

Beer beer beer tiddly beer beer beer tiddly beer

O I die!  I wish I'd gotten this shot a fraction of a second later, but still. Love this horse.

Another a fraction of a second off, but still okay



  1. Yeah pictures...I love the tail too! Diva gets hers doused in MTG in the hopes it might one day look like Apollo's:)

  2. zomg, steal all the corgis! Apollo looks good too.

  3. Yahoo!! Have fun and keep us posted as to how things go :)

  4. All I can say is I know how "beer beer beer tiddly beer beer beer" stuck in my head.

  5. Love the Corgis! Hope Apollo continues to impress! :-)