Friday, May 17, 2013

Other things I do when not blogging

So I do a lot of scribing during the showing months.  So far this year I've scribed for one show already (and technically, one endurance ride vet), there's another coming up this weekend, then another on June 22, then probably several more as the summer goes on.  Certainly one in August, maybe some in September ... all depends.

I really like scribing -- I think I've mentioned this before.  I've scribed all the way up through Grand Prix levels, and I leave every show having learned something new.  It's fun to meet the judges, and I enjoy hearing their critiques.  It seems like every judge has their own comment that they could put on a rubber stamp, since so many riders earn the comment.  One I remember was "More engagement and contact required for this level," one from this last one was "Steps could be more elastic," and another was "Not enough stretch shown."   So of course I'm thinking about and practicing free walk on long rein.  ;)

I'm hoping that my Big Scribing Plan For 2014 comes through.  It's a long shot, and I won't go into detail here, just in case that would jinx it.  But I'm hoping to do something really effin' cool.   I'd be really great at it.

Anyway, I need to remember to pick up little pen grip dealybobbers - yknow, these little guys.   I had a whole bunch, but my Scribing Kit(tm) has gone walkabout.   I might have left it at the endurance ride, or it might be hiding in my barn bag somewhere.  Not sure.  I do have red and blue pens and a watch, though, so I just need the dealybobbers and a pencil case to rebuild the kit.

Let's see ... what else.  Apollo's pro ride today will be over fences -- I can't wait to hear how he does.  :)  I'm expecting to hear the same thing I usually do: "He was a good boy."   Still!  Can't wait.  *grin*

He also was perfect for the farrier yesterday.  After his last performance -- he lost his ever-loving mind and made poor Dan's life really difficult -- I was prepared to bust out the twitch if I needed to, and I started him out with a chain over his nose.  It wasn't attached to anything, but it was there and ready to go if I needed to correct him.   However, Apollo was a perfect gentleman this time.  Whew!  It's so embarrassing when my horse is difficult for the farrier.  :/  But no.  Apollo stood there politely and even fell asleep several times.

Anyway -- stay tuned.  Sometime next week I'll have a review of what I hope will be the last and best pair of half-chaps I ever buy!   Will the ongoing saga of ARGH TOO TALL AGAIN finally come to an end?  Will I finally have neat-looking half-chaps?  Next week, on Nanakorobi Yaoki!

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  1. I love half chaps! Scribing would be fun. I've never volunteered at a show, but maybe I should since it will probably be a little while before Simon is ready to show again.