Friday, April 5, 2013

Hipy Brithdy!

You're so right -- I am late.  Again.   :)   I've been a bit distracted, although I have been riding, so in theory there are things to tell.

Most importantly?   HAPPY BIRTHDAY APOLLO!!

He's nine today for real.  :)   Happy birthday, best pony ever, and here's to many more birthdays together!

For his birthday present, Apollo got ridden by our awesome Magyar.  *grin*   There's video, even.  Apollo will go something like this in the trot for me, but I have to work harder at it than this rider does and it's not as consistent for me.    I have yet to get Apollo to canter this nicely, though.

Seriously, I'm just tickled.  I love my guy so much.  Heaps of talent and movement and a good temper; what more can I ask for?

Well ... actually ... I suppose I could ask for less spring squirrellies.  The spring grass is coming in, with all its glorious sugar, and the sun is shining, which means Apollo is just beside himself.   It's this that made me ask if one of our pros could put Apollo on their Friday ride schedule, since I have a standing Friday evening gig and can't ride that day.  A ride a week from one of them, plus five rides a week from me, ought to get Apollo sorted out wit a quickness, I think.   He was absolutely rotten for my poor, long-suffering farrier on Tuesday.  I don't ride on Mondays, and that plus spring plus general chaos at the barn just blew his little pony mind.  How embarrassing for me.  :/   Horses, man, I tell ya.

You read that right: that does mean that I'm officially committing to five rides a week.  ;)   Not that that's not what I strive for any day, but right now it's doable and necessary.   I've been riding in my jump saddle rather than my dressage saddle, working on my leg position and two-point.  Needs to be done, and when better than now?

Anyway, after Tuesday Apollo got progressively better.  To be expected, of course, but still.   I had a good ride last night, and obviously Apollo did well today.  I am looking forward to riding him tomorrow, after the tune-up he almost certainly got!


  1. I love hearing your updates with him. :) So happy. Spring is always fun.