Friday, March 22, 2013

Never could get the hang of Thursdays

Some rides are just not as fun as others.   Last night started out pretty well -- I took Apollo outside for the first time, seeing as I was there in plenty of time for light and nobody else was using the outdoor.   He was a little concerned about the barrel jump, the panel jumps, the fence, the other horses, et cetera, but I kept us to a circle in one end and just focused on calm and responsive.   He spooked once, but not more, and he eventually focused.  Until the neighbor horses got the RUN AROUND RIGHT NOW message from the Horse Planet.   Sigh.  So I worked on straight line, short turn, straight line, short turn until I felt like I got his brain back, then patted him and went inside to work some other things.

As it turns out, I totally should have stayed outside.   I'm not sure whether it was me or Apollo, whether I left my balance in my purse with my inhaler, or what, but we were just not connecting.  I suspect it was primarily my balance, because I'd go to half-halt or just squeeze him forward, and he'd hollow out and drop the tempo like ... well, like it was hot.  :)   He kicked at my leg, shook his head, and generally wasn't interested in going along with the program.  Somehow this was probably my fault ... I guess this is why I take lessons, eh?  :)

So onto the longe line he went for some brain activity.  Trot trot trot, canter canter canter, canter canter trot. Switch, repeat.   And then remount, for a much more cooperative horse.

Still, it was not my favorite of all rides.  Grumble.  I won't be out tonight, so here's hoping Apollo resets his brain back to sweet-horse mode by Saturday.


  1. I hope he's back to normal on Saturday too!

  2. Sometimes they have their bad days just like we do. Hope he feels better!