Monday, November 14, 2011

So I only got to have one lesson this weekend because I had family shindigs going on all weekend.

However, I am so, so glad I got that lesson in! I've been feeling a bit clumsy and slightly lost with the draw reins -- I mean, I can use them, but as MT pointed out, I sometimes get them bound up or put on wrong or whatever. I am really encouraged by the progress we're making with them, and I think a winter of training with them will help us a lot. Still, it was good to get a lesson with them.

The things MT pointed out for me primarily during the lesson were tempo and bending. Tempo because Rev's trot would get muddled sometimes, especially when I needed to shorten her because we were coming up on Linda or Margie's rear and in corners. I think one of the things I'll work on this week is that clear, steady tempo, keeping it through corners, circles, lengthenings, shortenings, et cetera.

As for her bending, the draw reins and the work Doug Hannum did on her poll give me a chance to really work that through. She was really counterbent through quite a lot of the lesson, up until the end -- it makes sense, because she takes a while to work into bending, but I'd like to be able to ask for it and GET it, yknow? So lots of +1/+7 on either side in the walk and the trot, suppling, spirals, and figure 8s/serpentines. It's really got to come from my leg and seat more than my hand, and that'll take practice practice practice.

Anyway, speaking of Doug Hannum, he had another look at Rev yesterday and pronounced her good to go until he comes through again. The adjustments took and held, so now we get to work with them and remuscle her -- and me! :)

I really wish there were someone with that kind of magic hands/knowledge for riders, too! I mean, I'm sure there is, but I wouldn't know where to start looking. My left SI joint is out, out, out ... and lord is it giving me fits. Once I'm up and warmed up and generally moving, it's okay, but if I sit for long or stand for a while, the muscles surrounding that hip and the back side of my pelvis twitch and ache. I should really go back to the chiropractor, for sure. But it's so expensive ... !! Blah. We'll see. I'd rather spend money on riding lessons and things for Rev, but I suppose that it doesn't do any good if my own body is rebelling ... and during this last lesson I had some distinct moments of "ow ow ow! ack! this weight aid hurts to apply!"

So we'll see. I also need to make sure I know when the farrier's coming -- should be in a week or so.

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  1. Hate spending medical monies on myself. Sigh. Sounds like it's in good order for you though.