Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Second derby, coming up

Seems like both forever and just yesterday that I put Rev away after our first 2011 derby. The riding has carried on since, and jumping lessons last weekend were pretty good. Better on Sunday than Saturday, for sure and as always, and I'm reminded that if I want pictures of anything, they should be from Sunday.

Poor Rev. She's in heat, and we have a stallion on property. Of course, she and the stallion never meet, but she knows he's there. It scrambles her little mare brains until we're fully warmed up and under saddle. I'm just glad it's not her full first spring heat -- that would be utter misery. For both of us.

Tonight is a test of choice night at the barn, and I actually get to ride!! I'm excited and slightly nervous at the same time; I really want Rev to do well, and I want to do well, but it's hard to tell how things will go. We're riding USEF Beginner Novice tests A and B. Outside rein steady. Work the right lead canter. Stay calm, no matter what.

And then this weekend is the Rafter K derby in Sun Valley. Yay! I get to clinic with Allison Springer, which will be really fun. I hope we get to jump the jumps that'll be on the course. I'll ask to. It's funny -- for the first time, I don't have to ride first thing in the morning, and I wish I rode EARLIER! I ride dressage at 11:30, and then I jump at 12:30. No real problem there, except that I will have to swap saddles in a hurry, immediately after dressage. I might be able to get some help, but if not, no big deal. So: swap saddles, swap shirts, slap on my vest and my blue helmet cover, slap boots on Rev, and get drinks of water for both of us, then off to jump a few jumps before getting out on course. The good thing about this is that she'll be good and tired. The bad thing about this is that I'll be good and tired! I know I have the strength and stamina to get around the course, though. And I will be applying all the lessons I've learned from the last derby -- primarily, sit down and LEG ON. Never stop riding, never assume anything. Leg tight. LEG TIGHT.

Must prepare and pack some food -- I won't need too much, because there's a party Saturday night and concessions on Sunday, but as I found out, counting on that is a Bad Idea(tm).

And then, next weekend? Another derby! My goals for these are to get around the courses clean and to keep my dressage scores in the low 30s. :) I'll take middle 30s, but not more! Just to pin, that's enough. But primarily, get around the jump courses clean and topside. :)

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