Friday, May 13, 2011

Ooof. I think it might not have been the world's best idea to go ride last night, given that I knew Rev would be squirrelly and that I've got a sinus infection.

At the same time, though, it needed to be done. I hadn't ridden in quite a while, and we have a Derby coming up next weekend, and a dressage test or two to ride next Wednesday. So -- MUST ride. Reveille is, blast her, going back into heat. Seems like the first month or two of spring is one long heat cycle for her. :/ She's usually pretty good under saddle when she's in heat, but last night was an exception. See: not ridden in a while. Like, almost a week. So she was jumpy and spooky and wanted to scream for her friends. I was able to keep her focused for about 20 minutes and even get some good work from her, but then I started to feel like the Danger Spring was getting wound tighter and tighter.

Don't mess with the Danger Spring. Especially when you're already injured and ill. ;)

So I got off, grabbed the side reins and the longe line, and set her to work. Lots and lots of work. Lots of transitions. I wanted her to transition smoothly, and as a great side benefit it gets her brain focused better. Even though longing sometimes invites her brainlessness, I really felt like she needed a VERY wet saddle blanket last night, and I didn't think I was safe doing it from the saddle. If MT had been there, I think I could have worked through it, but ... not while I was alone.

So yes. Today I am very tired through the shoulders. And sore sore sore in the right shoulder. But glad THAT's over. Tonight will be a different story, I hope. I hope she's damn tired. ;)

Money for full training acquired. And I found out that my saddle sold at the tack shop, so that's good too. I must NOT spend all the money from the saddle at the tack shop!! Heh. I might get another pair of breeches, and if there's a dressage coat in my size ... or maybe I'll splurge and get Rev a dressage bridle. Or maybe I'll be a mothereffing adult and put the money right into savings. *grin*

We'll see.

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