Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ketchup? Again??

I've already used the "is this thing on?" bit before, so I'll skip it. I really need to blog better!! It helps that now I have something to blog about, though.

In a nutshell, then ...

Health: I spent the last several months, since the last update, out of the tack completely due to a torn labrum in my right shoulder. Rev's been in half-training with MT all along, which has been superb for her. She's learned a lot, and I've learned too, just watching him ride her and watching lessons.

I was supposed to have surgery today to fix my shoulder, but my insurance first denied, then took too long to approve, the claim so I had to reschedule. And if I'm going to reschedule, I'll be damned if I reschedule for now -- it hurts, yes, and sometimes hurts a hell of a lot, but I have had enough of standing around on the ground. I'm not going to spend another 3 weeks trying to schedule it, 4 weeks after that to do the surgery, and then 6-12 weeks out of the saddle in rehab after THAT. There goes my summer completely.

So we'll reschedule for fall, late September or early November, after all the fun horse stuff is done for the year. :) Rev can spend another few months in half-training while I heal up.

Stuff: I finally found a dressage saddle that fits Rev correctly!! It fits me mostly well, but it's motivation to keep getting smaller, eh? It seems to be a truism that Collegiate saddles fit my horse. My jump saddle is a Collegiate Diploma Convertible, and the new dressage saddle is a Collegiate Convertible Intellect. I bought it from a friend who doesn't love it, so I'm glad I could help her get some money to go buy something she DOES like. I picked it up yesterday, and I'm delighted to get to go ride in it today!!

I also bit the bullet and traded my Subaru for a truck that'll pull a horse trailer. :) It's different, for sure, but I like it. Now to save up to get a trailer to attach to it!

Plans for the year: This is going to be a good summer, I hope! There are a lot of cross-country clinics at the barn, lots of event derbies to enter, lots of Test of Choice nights, and lots of things to volunteer for. I plan to go to as many cross-country clinics as I can; right now, there's at least one a month scheduled, and I think I'll try to hit every one but the first one next weekend (4/9-10). I might try to hit the second day of the first one, depending on what MT recommends.

I'd also like to do all the derbies, probably except the one far off in Oregon. If the barn goes, I'll see if there's a way for me to go, but I'm not counting on it.

And for our biggest trick, I'd like Reveille to go BN at Golden Spike this year with MT on her. She's ready, I think, for a small debut like that -- I'm definitely not, though. Next year, yes, but this year, no. But I want her to have that experience under her belt (girth?) before I take her. I'd also like to school some cross-country there if I can. It'd be very very good for me personally. If MT and TW and TD, or some combination thereof that includes MT, will stay until the schooling opens after the event, I would love to school. We'll see how that goes, but that's my ideal. Even if I can't school at the course, I do want Rev to go, and I'll go along and just watch/groom. Learn how an event goes from the ground.

So that's what's up. I'll try to be a better blogger -- I have great examples now, so I'll try to keep up as things go. :)

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  1. Sounds like you have a great summer a head of you! Sorry the surgery didn't work out to be sooner so you could feel better when you are out having fun. As for trailers...
    Trailers are so cheap these days!