Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Apollo says

"Best day EVER!"

I.e. the day stall rest ends.  :)  He promptly rolled in the muddiest mud he could find - which is pretty dang muddy, because we got a lot of rain last night - and ruined all the work I did on him while he was on stall rest.  Alas.  He'll just shed out that much faster when I groom the dried mud off.

I have the Peruvian Death Flu right now, so I didn't ride to see how his hocks feel now, but I'm looking forward to doing so as soon as I can hold up my head.  (Okay, maybe a little overdramatic, but I do feel like crap, far too much like crap to do anything more than the necessary barn chores and then crash out.)

Still, I think he'll be much happier with the injections.

I got to hop on a borrowed horse on Sunday and go hack around the local XC course.  The horse was a sweet guy, and I made new friends, which is always a good thing.  :)  Nothing was jumped, but that was okay.  I'm happy to have gone and seen the facility - now when I take Apollo we won't BOTH be new to it.  It's always nice when one of us can really, truly be confident, as opposed to my usual "um, sure.  Yes, horse, we are totally okay. I think.  Aren't we?" when I'm uncertain or in a totally new place for the first time.  Gotta get over that.

Anyway - off to rest the Peruvian Death Flu.  Updates as events warrant ... :)

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  1. aw feel better soon! also i agree completely about feeling better when i'm already a little familiar with my surroundings. somehow that 'unknown' aspect can add so much anxiety!